Creación del Museo Moreno-Viena

We are really happy to inform you that on April 24
2014 the Association “Moreno Museum” was founded in Vienna.
We are now ready to move the first steps of a project conceived and awaited for over thirty years.
The first courses of action will be to finalize the contacts between the property of the building in Bad Vöslau (the Ottakringer Brauerei, that controls Vöslauer Natürliches Mineralwasser) and potential sponsors who will help us to acquire the property of the building.
Our bank account is in the name of the “Moreno Museum” Association, at the Bank Austria (UNICREDIT GROUP), Schönbrunner Straße 231 1120 Wien, Österreich.
Account holder: Gesellschaft Moreno Museum (2500 Baden – Austria)
IBAN: AT411200010007541427 BIC: BKAUATWW
The General Assembly has decided that the annual fee is 70 Euro.
The General Assembly has decided that the annual fee is 70 Euro.
The idea of the Museum, said, was conceived thirty years ago by Grete Leutz and kept alive since by
some generous friends, among whom Michael Wieser. Without their commitment we could not have
achieved the present results.
Finally on April 24
of this year a small group of people who, in different ways, have contributed to keep
the idea alive, founded the Association in front of Dr. Stephan Prayer – Notary Public – in Vienna. We
wish to tell you that several psychodramatists, in different Countries, who have heard of the project,
have expressed their active interest. Obviously we intend to give maximum visibility to our original and
unique initiative.
To design a Museum for J.L.Moreno and his world is a fascinating and challenging endeavour. We intend to follow two lines of action. The first one is to acquire and restore the House (in Maital 4) to adapt it to
its new Museum function. Sponsors have already declared their intention to help us. The second one is to give concrete shape to the collection of archive material that hopefully the Museum in Bad Vöslau, like a
Library and a Study Centre, will store to make them available to scholars, students and the general public.
We do hope many will join and offer their energy to our common effort in the forms each one will find most suitable. We need to enlarge our membership, even with your being with us, organize fund raising,
collect items for the archive etc. Any suggestion you may have will be most welcome.
Finally we ask you to contact and contribute to the Museum website:
( that has helped to keep attention on our project alive, now in the process of being restyled.
We are happy to inform you that the Members Assembly has conferred Honorary Membership to Zerka T. Moreno, Grete A. Leutz, Anne Ancelin Schützenberger and Pierre Fontaine.
With kind and affectionate regards to you.
The Executive Board


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